Corporate Policy

Our Mission

Our purpose and mission at Westcon is to be the change we want to see in our industry.

We want to keep challenging ourselves to be better in all aspects of our business and by doing so; we want to push our industry forward in the areas of training and development, systems and processes, relationship building, quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

We are committed to doing this by;

  1. Opening avenues for training, education and opportunity for our staff to encourage and nurture their professional growth. At Westcon, our dynamic team consists of both young cadets and industry veterans who are passionate about building and work together to deliver Westcon honest, transparent, responsive, respectful and partnership-orientated customer service. We believe in providing our team with the mentoring and training they need to boost their confidence and realise their full potential.
  2. Having sound systems and processes designed to support our team to deliver their projects efficiently and effectively. Our culture is one of continuous learning and improvement, we understand that there are always better ways of doing things and we take the time to reflect and then fine tune our approach to become better each and every time. Westcon believe that this way of thinking makes us proactive and better equipped to face the changes and fast-paced beat of our industry.
  3. Nurturing relationships built on honesty, transparency, responsiveness and respect, our partnerships, customers, consultants, suppliers and subcontractors appreciate and respect this. Westcon believe in the power of partnerships and long term relationships. We collaborate and partner with our key stakeholders to deliver innovations, value adds and a solutions-driven approach. Our steadily growing portfolio of repeat customers and long term relationships with our consultants and subcontractors are a testament to our sound relationship and building approach.
  4. Committing to sound environmental practices such as reusing and recycling which we implement within our office and in all of our construction sites. Westcon also work with our customers, consultants and subcontractors to achieve the environmental initiatives of projects may it be Green Star, NABERS or LEED and ensure these are balanced with commercial feasibility. We understand that we have an active role in shaping Australia’s built environment and we are committed to doing so responsibly.

Our Vision

Our vision here at Westcon is driven by our belief in the continuous growth and improvement of our industry. We want our industry to do well and to keep progressing to be better and smarter in the arenas of safety, quality, environmental engagement, community engagement, technology and best practise.

To assist in achieving this, we want to be an industry-leading building and construction company who are forward-thinking in our approach, engaging in every aspect of our business, committed to best practise, and honest and ethical in all of our dealings.

To make this happen we will need to:

  1. Live and breathe our company mission and values which guide the way we will run our business – that is with integrity, professionalism and competency.
  2. Employ and retain the best people in our industry.
  3. Build and maintain enduring partnerships and relationships with all our customers, consultants and subcontractors.
  4. Be open to change and retain our aptitude in continuous learning and improvement.
  5. Be engaged and supportive of our industry by contributing ideas, time and resources to our peers, ensuring it is perpetually evolving and moving forward.
  6. Be the positive example we want to see in our industry.

Company Values

Our values shape the way we run our business every day and serves as our guide when we engage with our stakeholders including our staff, customers, consultants, subcontractors, suppliers and the greater community. Westcon are proud of our company values and we uphold them in everything we do.

  1. Honesty – Transparency in all our dealings.
  2. Partnership – A collaborative approach from start to finish.
  3. Respect – A show of respect in our words and actions towards our stakeholders, the environment and the greater community.
  4. Professionalism – A commitment to excellence in building and customer service.
  5. Innovation – A commitment to continuous learning and improvement to push ourselves and our industry forward.

We create inspiring buildings which maximise the return on investment for our clients.