Our Services

Westcon appreciates and knows the demanding requirements of all types of projects ranging from Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Retail. We are resourced and ready to manage your project from design stage to handover.

We are a growing company with a proven track record in delivering successful projects where all stakeholders would like to work together again. Our collaborative approach and commitment to understanding our client’s key objectives has ensured our new clients become repeat clients.

Construction Management

Construction management means exactly that, managing every individual element of the said construction from the development phase through to practical completion and handover. It has over recent years become common knowledge that every client ranging from residential construction through to commercial and industrial constructions inevitably exceeds their budget or completion time expectations. The reason for this is in very simple terms, results from poor construction management. Clients need to know from the outset what their true position in the equation will be.

Westcon prides itself in its ability to perform construction management according to its true meaning proactively involving its clients in all the processes according to their project.

These processes include:

  • Detailed Cost Planning & Budget Estimates.
  • Specification reviews for all design discipline criterions.
  • Specification and finishes reviews for all the relevant trade packages.
  • Program and optimum sequencing review of all the above.

Design & Construct

Commonly referred to as the ‘master builder’ project delivery approach, Westcon will manage the client as well as the architects and consultants. This allows all parties to develop and refine the design and build process together, eliminating any gaps between conceptualising, planning and execution. Embracing a holistic approach ensures the project is run as smooth as possible within the budget and timeframe to deliver the best possible results.

Office Fit-outs

Westcon has a long track record of delivering Sydney’s finest office fit-outs. We manage the entire Design & Construction process for you, so we can guarantee to make the transition smooth and memorable.

Cost planning & Budget estimates

Clients are often encouraged by the mere fact that pricing and quotations are at no cost to them which may seem enticing no doubt, but how often are they in fact accurate? The reality is, as stated above, that they aren’t remotely accurate or moreover, their accuracy if indeed enforced by the client comes at the expense of losses elsewhere such as quality or time.

Westcon emphasises the importance and mandatory requirement of developing a budget estimate in line with the client’s true requirements as stated earlier. The budget must be accurate to reflect what the client has desired and at what cost over a given period of time. The budget is prepared on the basis that it covers all aspects and facets of the project’s construction process.

Once prepared and accordingly approved by the client, the budget must be monitored periodically identifying both actual costs as well as those that are forecasted for completion all of which is interrelated with the delivery schedule.

Westcon will develop an initial budget estimate according to its understanding of the brief, during the tender process.

Westcon can prepare estimates for all types of Contract types such as those for Completed Design and Construction or Construct Only projects. Depending on its client’s needs these include and may not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • Lump Sum Basis.
  • Cost Plus Basis.
  • Project Management Basis.

Lump sum tendering

Westcon can provide a competitive and accurate lump sum tender for any type of contract, large or small.

Lump sum tender is a preferred type of construction contract, particularly if most design documents are finalised and ready to be implemented. The tender design documents help shape the scope of the work for the contract as well as allow builders to get the ball rolling on executing the project.

Cost plus

Westcon offers a cost plus contract option, whereby the client pays an agreed fee upon the early stages of the contract to cover the cost of all trades supplies required to complete the project. This allows the client to vary any part of the design and project without compromising on quality.

Property development

Over the years, we have acquired extensive property development experience through collaborative development ventures and successful projects. Our team of entrepreneurial commercial and residential property developers are in tune with market trends and have demonstrated their ability to initiate and manage a broad spectrum of proposals across various sectors of the market. We understand all aspects of the development process, instilling a total solution approach with expertise spanning the life of the project and covering:

  • Initial research and conceptualisation
  • Master planning
  • Project finance and analysis expertise
  • Feasibility and cost planning
  • Build-ability input
  • Design management
  • Construction services
  • Property management
  • Development management

To find out how Westcon can help transform your idea into a strong investment, contact us on (02) 9586 1115